Commercial Solutions

Integrated Building Control


When systems and technology work together, your business will be simpler to operate.  Green Electronic Solutions can help you increase the efficiency of your resources while reducing energy costs through building automation systems and intelligent building technology.  Our systems are personalized for real-time usage and network control, including: monitoring lights, ventilation, heating, cooling, video, and audio.  Systems also include an automated power down or optimized adjustment when not in use.


Boardroom Technology


Boardrooms and conference rooms are where business happens.  When all subsystems and smart technology works together with simple controls, it will increase the productivity of your business.  Our systems integrate everything in a room, from video, audio, and lighting to window treatment and communication.  All from a single touch screen.


Computer Networking


Green Electronic Solutions can help you build a reliable and solid foundation that uses the most up to date technology.  We work with each client individually to determine what network solution will meet your specific needs.  Our high-speed, secure networks will boost your functionality and protection simultaneously.


Entry Systems


Our systems ensure that only authorized individuals are granted access to your property or given areas.  These systems can be standalone or integrated into other technology systems within the property to increase efficiency.  We will work with each client to create a custom solution.


Let us help you achieve a competitive edge in your industry by improving business operating efficiencies.  With just one button, you can see everything no matter where you are.  Find out more about what Green Electronic Solutions can do for your business today.