Specialty Services

With Automation...You Control It All


Whether you are interested in automating one feature in your home or the entire home itself, rest assured that it is possible to be in control of your home with a touch of a button.


The possibilities are endless: control the heat or A/C, lighting, security systems, property gates, multi-room audio, home theaters and more.


Green Electronic Solutions also offers installation of GPS tracking, allowing you to keep loved ones safe by alerting you to unsafe driving, vehicle location, trip reporting and more.  For instance, the live tracking feature keeps you up-to-date when your teenager is on the road.


Other Rewarding Specialty Services




Say goodbye to the traditional vacuum cleaner and give yourself an upgrade with a centralized smart vac.  A central vacuum system is easy to install, maintain, and use. The entire system is activated through the touch of a button and can clean multiple rooms and even entire living areas simultaneously.


Fire Systems:


With the fire system service, you're guaranteed to detect fire faster due to its powerful smoke detection capabilities.  Fire system services include smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, heat sensors, fire sprinklers, and monitoring.


Telephone Systems:


With this intelligent service, you can customize your phone system to meet your personalized needs. This includes phone systems, intercom systems, and doorfon systems all integrated into one with easy access and simple monitoring.