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Home Audio Control Systems

Music and Sound Throughout Your Home

Today's modern home needs a multi-room audio control system that has the most functionality but the smallest size. That is exactly what you get with Green Electronic Solutions. Imagine your intercom as a powerful stereo music source allowing up to 30 pairs of speakers in the home and delivering sound to any room in the house or even outside. Take control of your home’s sound system today.

Family Room Audio

Combine convenience with sophistication with a state of the art single remote control. Simplify your life by replacing all those remote controllers with a single, easy-to use controller that lets you access video and audio content using all the latest digital media streaming devices including AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Roku and more. With family room audio systems from Green Electronic Solutions, you'll never waste time hunting for the remote again!

Multi-Room Audio

Fill your home with the sounds you love with a multi-room or whole-house audio solution! Our multi-room installations give you complete control over your home audio system - you can stream music, podcasts and other programming from more than 40 service providers like iTunes, Pandora and Sirius XM using your tablet, smartphone or TV. Stream to a single room, multiple rooms or your entire home - with a multi-room audio system from Greens Electronic Solutions!

Outdoor Speakers

Let's face it, music has a huge impact on our everyday lives and can deliver an emotional power that is undeniable. So when you are relaxing out in your backyard on a sunny day or entertaining guests at the poolside, there is no doubt that your music should accompany you. With an outdoor speaker system from Green Electronic Solutions, you can get the sound clarity you need while at the same time maintaining your backyards natural outdoor aesthetic. Beautiful sounds hidden amongst the nature will leave your guests feeling peaceful and in awe.

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