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Commercial Automation Systems

Commercial Automation Systems in Dallas Texas

Your business will benefit immensely from having its devices and appliances synchronized. We can help you automate your lights, blinds, locks, doors and more. This will improve the security and efficiency of your organization, minimizes any unnecessary losses.

Centralized and simplified management

Once you automate your business, you will be able to control everything from a central point or device.  This will centralize the management of your business, making it easier for you to concentrate on the business itself.


Integrating technology in your workplace is possible with Green Electronic Solutions.  Our experienced professionals can work with any technology you already have and can set your in-house IT professionals up for success.


Every inch of your business is at your fingertips when you install a smart automation system. This full-system integration creates an environment that's convenient, safe, and the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

Standard Based Technology

Not only can our professionals work with existing technology, we will also recommend the best technology to add that will meet your needs.  We use the latest standard based technology to ensure you are always able to expand the infrastructure, deploy new appliances and increase productivity.

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