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Home Automation Systems

Smart Home Solutions in Dallas Texas

A smart home is the home of the future and the future starts now with home automation in Dallas Texas. Why just leave your home in the hands of the security system while you're away on vacation?


Sure, it's safe, but with home automation, you can do far more to protect your home from burglars. With a smart home, all of your home's systems are coordinated into one system that's accessible and controllable from anywhere at any-time.


From across town, across the country, or across the globe, you can access and control your home's lighting system, thermostat, security system, and more. Using this smart system, while out of town or away on vacation, you can make it "appear" that your home.

How a Smart Home Works

With a smart home, all of your home's major components, systems, and appliances have the ability to communicate and interact. Everything works together on one unique, personalized system that you control.


Using intelligent home automation, you can control your home's garage doors, lighting, television sets, receivers, stereo systems, pools, security system and much more.


Every inch of your home is literally at your fingertips when you install a smart home automation system. This full-system integration creates an environment that's convenient, safe, and the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

Energy Efficiency and the Ultimate in Comfort

Save money on home energy bills by programming your smart home automation system to set the lights at 80%, which greatly reduces energy usage, or to automatically set and program the thermostat, or even use it to turn the lights off when a room becomes unoccupied.
With a touch screen home, you'll experience the ultimate in comfort with a room temperature that's always perfect, lights that reduce energy wastage, and text messages that alert you when your teenager arrives home. The power to control your home is in your hands.

To learn more about how home automation can work for you, or to request your free home automation consultation, contact Green Electronic Solutions today!

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